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DPP Open Forum Tour – Nov 2016 – Belfast

The DPP Open Forum is the place where we engage with the whole broadcast community – Members and non-members.

It’s an opportunity to share the work of the DPP with the wider community, to get their insight, and to demonstrate the benefits of being a DPP Member.

At this special event we will unveil the results of our ground-breaking research into the world of the New Content Creators.  Small, innovative, digital-first companies collaborating online to create new kinds of output.


Who or what is the biggest threat to your programme? Cyber security is the hottest topic in broadcast today.  As more and more productions move into the cloud, discover more about the work we’re doing to help you protect your valuable digital assets from cyber criminals.


Plus find out what we’ve been up to over the last 6 months, including launching a new file delivery specification for North America, a study on the state of connectivity for production, and an update on the late delivery process for file deliveries to UK broadcasters.


We’re taking this event on the road so please check out our upcoming events to see if it’s coming to a town near you!

Register to attend on the Belfast Media Festival website.

This event is open to Everyone!