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TV Connect – Apr 2016

Panel Debate: Ultra High Definition television: when will hype become reality?

UX & Next-Gen Formats Session – 12:55pm
26th April 2016

In this session DPP Member companies will look at all the key timelines that have to come together for UHD to become mainstream.

When will enough consumers have the right kind of TVs?
When will producers have access to the right equipment and skills at the right price?
When will the key standards be defined?
When will there be UHD content for consumers to watch?
What could be the disrupters of a smooth transition from HD to UHD?

Featuring DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison along with DPP Members Steve Plunkett – Ericsson, Sinead Greenaway – UKTV, Ian Beushaw – Deluxe and chaired by Simon Gauntlett – DTG

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