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Live Video Workflows in the Cloud
Make.TV lets broadcasters and producers in the fields of News, Sports, eSports, Entertainment acquire and curate an infinite number of live video feeds from mobiles, social media platforms, professional devices and traditional broadcast infrastructure. Using a web-based visual mosaic, video streams can be easily played out simultaneously to broadcast systems and social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch. Make.TV’s customers include Major League Baseball/ BAMTech, ESL/Turtle Entertainment, Bayerischer Rundfunk, SRF/TPC, SWR, FOX Sports Brasil, NBC/Universal, MTV/Viacom, Warner Brothers and DreamHack. Make.TV is a venture backed software company based in Cologne, Germany and Seattle, Washington. Make.TV’s investors include Microsoft Ventures, Voyager Capital and Vulcan Capital.

Mirta Gilson

Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

Make.TV Live Video Cloud – Acquire, produce, distribute unlimited live signals and recorded video to newsrooms, production environments and multiple platforms from professional devices, mobile, social and IP video broadcast. Professional Devices & Software: Configure ingest URLs for all of your devices and software units. Social Media & IP Broadcasts: Grab single live feeds from online sources or multiple feeds at once. Streamtag app: The fully integrated camera in your pocket for mobile reporters and UGC contributors with high quality live streaming and recording, tally light, chat & integrated intercom and file upload queue.
Distribute: Online Platforms & Services, Local Broadcast Environments, Delivery via CDN services, Decode to SDI/HDMI (with external devices), Route as SMTPE2022 or NewTek’s NDI.

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Mixers, Routing & Switching

Make.TV Selector – The video router within the cloud with unlimited Inputs/Outputs.
Discover, select and acquire crowd-sourced and professionally-contributed content from unlimited sources. Route signals to pre-defined outputs to transfer them into local or private storages as well as live newsroom environments.
Stream using a smartphone or any streaming capable device. Up to 12 live signals can be screened simultaneously to help you decide which one you want to route to a pre-defined output destination.
Browse videos by location: If you need to find live feeds at a specific location, just switch from "grid view" to "map view" and choose the contribution you are looking for.

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Playout, Content Delivery & TX

Make.TV Playout – Cloud Playout with API connection for ad break management.
Create and schedule live 24/7 channels and publish on multiple platforms with the cloud playout featuring API connections for ad break control.
Core Features: plan & publish 24/7 program with archived content and scheduled live streams, automate and setup destination-side ad breaks, view playlist within visual timeline, alpha overlays for content branding, real-time transcoding of multiple outputs, API communication with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

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