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Ncam offers a complete and customisable augmented reality platform that enables photorealistic virtual elements in real-time. At its core is a unique camera tracking solution that offers film & TV productions virtual and augmented graphic technology without limits. The device uses a lightweight sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural features in the environment, allowing the camera to move freely in all locations.

Our multi-award winning patented technology integrates seamlessly to any production, capable of adapting to a wide range of applications from indoor and outdoor use to mounted or even hand-held camera configurations. Through versatile real-time application Ncam creates technological efficiencies that streamline the on-set production process, saving notable post-production time and incremental costs.

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Ncam’s second generation camera tracking software offers a massive leap forwards in camera tracking capabilities. Ncam Reality software offers unrivalled accuracy, robustness and flexibility combined with autonomous operator free functionality.

- Our visionary technology Real Depth produces best in class immersive augmented content. By extracting depth data in real-time your subjects are able to interact seamlessly with their virtual surroundings for the most realistic and synergetic visual engagement.

- Real Light is designed to solve the common challenge of ensuring augmented graphics visually integrate into the real-world scene. Relight captures real-world lighting dynamically per frame (including reflections, ambient lighting via HDRI, shadows, lights), allowing real-time CGI assets to utilise this data, dynamically adapting to each and every light change.

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