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ROOT6 Technology is the company behind ContentAgent, the globally installed file-based workflow management and automation platform. The proliferation of broadcast and consumer file types and formats can cause headaches and bottlenecks in the post production and broadcast process, tying up valuable kit and manpower. ContentAgent eliminates these constrictions and the need for human intervention by automating commonly performed tasks from camera card ingest to delivery, improving accuracy and efficiency with subsequent cost savings.

ContentAgent orchestrates job automation through its potent Platinum Engine, incorporating CPU and GPU acceleration. Resolution independent, the transcoding engine can process files from SD through UHD/4K and beyond.

Using the intuitive Workflow Designer tool, processes may be set up and subsequently used by non-technical staff to free up both resources and manpower.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

Automated ingest of camera card-originated media has important advantages for editorial, and using ContentAgent for the task frees up both equipment and manpower. Avid certified, ContentAgent delivers a more streamlined enviroment in Avid editing applications.

Key Features:
Transcode or rewrap camera card structures
Automate camera card backup
Automate proxy / viewing copies creation
Automated card clip stitching
Automate Avid ingest of camera card structures
Avid relink workflow to provide online/offline editing

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

Build your own workflows to automate a series of tasks using the intuitive graphical workflow designer. Build intelligence into the workflow via Decision nodes.

Key Features:
Use flow-style graphical interface to design and create a workflow
Create unique workflows to automate a series of tasks/actions for your own workflow requirements
40+ Workflow tasks “nodes” from ingest to export
Use Decision Nodes to ask questions about source clips (such as video/audio/user based metadata) and make automatic decisions on which path to take through a workflow
Workflows can triggered using watchfolders, within the ContentAgent user interface or using a third party product (such as an Asset Management System) through the ContentAgent SDK

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Post Production Facilities

ContentAgent’s elegant and intuitive user interface echoes working practices and provides all the tools you need to create and automate workflows from acquisition to deliverables in a secure, reliable and repeatable manner. Integration with ‘best of breed’ third party technologies facilitates such powerful features as automated file-based QC, disc publishing and advanced frame rate conversion.

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