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Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics, video playout, studio automation, sports analysis, journalist story tools, and asset management tools for the media and entertainment industry. This includes interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, story and video editing, compositing, and multiplatform VOD and live playout tools.

Vizrt has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and the list keeps growing each day. This is made possible by nearly 600 engaged and very competent employees in 40 offices around the world.

Vizrt’s business model provides its customers with complete packages, including hardware, professional services, installations, and support. The company’s desire to identify the need for new technologies and efficient workflows means that every year it allocates substantial R&D resources to extend its competitive lead.

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Archive & Storage

Viz One offers a bespoke system which allows you to find content quickly with configurable metadata and the powerful search engine. The logging tool, Logger, allows easily adding logs to assist clip selection and search. Vizrt offers global professional services teams for project management, planning, and execution, as well as 24/7 enterprise support for help. Assets are searchable within seconds of ingest, and can be browsed and edited directly on a laptop or desktop using proxy-based video editing tools.

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Viz Engine functions as a standalone video server as well as the graphics and video compositing platform for Vizrt products such as Viz Trio, Viz Pilot, Viz Weather, Viz Virtual Studio.

Viz Engine allows for streaming IP video in and out. Graphics and video are composited in real-time and output as a stream that can take many formats – including MPEG-2 at 1080i/25, 1080i/29.97, 1080p/30 and 720p/50 – for use online, on mobile devices and live on-air.

Viz Engine uses graphics channels to display multiple Vizrt scenes simultaneously in a single output layer. The graphics channels function as flat 2D DVE channels or as textures on 3D objects, giving maximum flexibility for displaying content. Viz Engine supports displaying 16 graphics channels simultaneously.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

Viz One Coder is Vizrt's next generation transcoder. It is an integral part of the Viz One MAM system as well as a standalone component that can be used with other Vizrt products such as Viz Engine. Coder supports producing VOD variants for web and mobile distribution with resolutions up to 4K/UHD - including adding graphics. Coder supports dynamic scheduling of jobs and can efficiently distribute VOD, Proxy or Live transcoding jobs on a server farm based on transcoder load and job requirements. Viz One Coder also supports Live streaming and using Viz Engine’s IP functionality, Coder can provide device adapted graphics streams, ensuring users relevant and beautiful graphics from their smartphone to their televisions.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

Viz One efficiently manages all your media and can be used for many MAM applications; from a single clip store managing video and stills for playout, to large enterprise systems running on hundreds of servers handling news, archive, sports, program, promo, and online workflows. Viz One makes it easy for teams across entire organizations to find, upload, preview, log, cut, send, and manage media. The primary tool, Studio, is web-based and accessible from any desktop, so users can edit and approve media remotely. Viz One task lists are driven by our workflow engine, providing transparency and flexibility.

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