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Broadcasters support DPP Security mark

We’re delighted to announce that 30 suppliers have now been awarded the DPP Committed to Security mark – an accreditation that denotes adherence to security best practice in the production and broadcast environments.

The Committed to Security marks look set to play an increasingly important part in how broadcasters select their products and services across the broadcast supply chain. UK broadcasters BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, supported by members of the DPP Security Working Group including Sky, Viacom and a number of service providers, have come together to agree that recognition will be given to companies holding the DPP Committed to Security mark when selecting suppliers and vendors to deliver content or services to broadcasters.

We spoke to Gary Payne, Chief Information Security Officer at the BBC, who underlined the importance of the Committed to Security mark and emphasised the collective support of UK broadcasters for the DPP initiative:

“As a proactive founder member of the DPP, the BBC has helped define the DPP Committed to Security mark, which incorporates a subset of the procurement checks that the corporation uses as a baseline for Broadcast and Production supplier selection,” says Gary. “Alongside other key players in UK broadcasting, the BBC is committed to supporting industry alignment to effective measures that help assure the security resilience of Broadcast and Production technology. In supporting this unified approach we are strongly encouraging industry suppliers to match, and where possible exceed, the baseline requirements for attaining the DPP Committed to Security mark.”

Cybersecurity risks across the industry are on the increase and the Committed to Security programme aims to enable suppliers of media-specific technology to demonstrate their adherence to cybersecurity best practice.

Craig Girvan, Cyber Security Manager, ITV told us that for them “the aim is to raise the bar for the minimum standard of cybersecurity implemented across our supply chain. Ultimately, this will enable broadcasters and content owners to better manage their risks.” .

Broadcasters acknowledge the complexity of the supplier landscape, and over the coming months will release further details of their adoption of the DPP Committed to Security Programme as plans evolve.

On 28th November 2018, we’ll host Securing Creativity – a one day cyber security summit,  bringing together customers and suppliers to focus on what it means to build and maintain security in a creative environment.

The summit is enabled by DPP Member company Telstra, the 30th company to be awarded the Committed to Security mark. Head of Market Development for Telstra Broadcast Services, Anna Lockwood, told us of the significance of the DPP mark for them:

“Telstra is delighted to be the 30th company to be awarded the DPP Committed to Security mark, and the first Australian company. Content security across the content supply chain for the high value live sports and entertainment content that we carry on the Telstra Global Media Network and through our Telstra Broadcast Operations facilities is of great importance to our customers and to our team. We are indeed committed to security and are proud of this industry recognition.”

The full list of companies certified since the Programme launched in October 2017, can be found here. Participation in the Programme is free to DPP Members; NonMembers can also apply to the Programme for a small license fee. Companies can apply to the Programme here.

Administrative and audit services for the DPP Committed to Security Programme are provided by Eurofins Digital Testing, an independent test and assurance specialist.

This blog was written by Abdul Hakim, who leads the DPP’s security work