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DPP and EBU Enter into Formal Partnership

The DPP today announced that it has entered into a formal partnership with the world’s leading alliance of public service media, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), to drive the development of technical standards and the adoption of interoperability across the media industry.

“The DPP and the EBU both deeply understand the value of collaboration in driving change,” said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “The two organisations have always worked closely, and our latest work together on a new interoperable mastering format for broadcast & online, and on cybersecurity, has emphasised the value of a more formal partnership.”

Under the partnership agreement, the EBU and the DPP will collaborate and share knowledge in four key areas:

  • The definition and implementation of common technical standards and specifications to the benefit of the global media industry.
  • Defining common standards and specifications for programme delivery and exchange.
  • IP technology standards and specifications, file wrappers and metadata, and security.
  • Support for international interoperability through the adoption and implementation of open standards, specifications and guidelines.

“Interoperability and open standards are of fundamental importance to public service media,” said EBU Director of Technology & Innovation, Simon Fell. “We are confident that the partnership between EBU and DPP will help to drive the industry towards consensus around emerging standards, delivering value to all stakeholders.”

Hans Hoffmann, Head of Media Production Technology at the EBU, added: “The collaboration with the DPP will allow us to set the agenda for the development of specifications needed in a networked and software driven media production world.”

To mark the start of their partnership, the EBU and DPP will be hosting an IMF Meet-up on the EBU stand (10.F20) at IBC on Saturday, 16th September, 17:45-18:45. For the community of broadcasters, suppliers and manufacturers working on the Interoperable Master Format, the meet-up is an opportunity to network and exchange ideas.