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DPP HD Commercials – 1000 files & counting

Following the publication of the Digital Production Partnership’s (DPP’s) new HD Commercials & Sponsorship Delivery Specification in January over 1,000 HD Commercials and Sponsorship bumpers have now been successfully supplied to ITV – the first UK broadcaster to adopt the specification – since deliveries began on 9th April 2016.

Working with DPP members from across the industry, the UK’s major broadcasters (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, BT Sport and Channel 5) agreed this new common technical specification, which marked a significant step forward for a genre of content that, for the past 60 years, existed solely in the SD world.

Kelly Williams, Managing Director Commercial, ITV said: “The take-up of advertisers delivering Commercials and Sponsorship material in HD has been significant and represents a substantial improvement in the ITV viewer’s experience. We are delighted to be the first broadcaster to implement the new DPP specification.”

Adstream delivered the 1000th file, a commercial for East of England Co-op. Michael Moorfield, Head of Broadcast Services, Adstream, had this to say about the development: “The migration to HD Commercial and Sponsorship delivery has been surprisingly straightforward. After a brief period of robust testing and piloting with DPP and ITV, we are pleased that the process is running well and that audiences can now enjoy higher definition commercials.”

Another major element in the new specification was the introduction of an exceptions process for intentionally quiet content, a key aspect of the EBU R128 recommendation for short-form content.

Kim Knowlton, Broadcast Production Consultant for the IPA, added, “The DPP has done a remarkable job in persuading the main UK broadcasters to agree and implement a common specification that includes the delivery of intentionally quiet Commercials and Sponsorship material. We are delighted at their continued commitment to supporting the creative issues of the advertising industry”.

Other broadcasters adopting the HD Commercials and Sponsorship specification (Sky, Channel 5 and Channel 4, including broadcasters that take commercials from Channel 4 Advertising Sales, such as UKTV channels, The Box Plus Network, PBS America and BT Sport), will transition to the new specification over the coming months. Suppliers wishing to deliver to this new specification should discuss and agree delivery with the individual broadcaster they are delivering to.

The full specification is available here.