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DPP Members’ Survey Results 2017

We’re delighted to report the results of our annual Members’ survey.

Our first survey happened in 2016; and this year we asked Members to rate the same ten statements so that we could make direct comparisons between responses in 2016 and 2017.

The tables below show the results. The percentages relate to the number of respondents who agreed or strongly agreed with the ten statements. They are presented here in order of strength of positive response.

Overall there was a 15% improvement in positive scores between 2016 and 2017. Overall satisfaction with DPP Membership was very strong, at 85%.

However, we are mindful of the many helpful comments that Members also contributed. One note we received, for example, was that we must take care not to take our eye off our work once we have launched it. It would be easy for the DPP to focus on each new output – and neglect our growing body of work that is in implementation or business-as-usual. We’ve very much taken this observation to heart and will be ensuring we assign appropriate resources to our work post-delivery.

We were also pleased to see how strongly Members approve of our communications. Again, we take this aspect of our work extremely seriously. We work hard to find the balance between keeping everyone informed, and over-communicating. We also give huge thought to the style in which we communicate. So feedback on what we say, how we say it, and when, is always much appreciated.

You’ll notice there were two areas in which the scores dropped slightly. One was ‘if the DPP didn’t exist it would need to be invented.’ This drop, though small, might reflect the fact that the DPP is now seen as generally useful rather than here to crack a single key problem – such as file delivery. It will be interesting to see how this statement scores in years to come.

The other area with a slight drop relates to our website. It may well be the case that many Members download our outputs directly from our mailings, rather than using the website as an active resource. However, we are constantly seeking to improve the site – while taking care it doesn’t consume too much of our budget. We hope you’ll notice incremental improvements throughout the next year, and again always welcome your feedback.

If anything strikes you from looking at this summary of the survey, do please drop us a line.