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DPP publishes major new Guide to Digital Archiving

The DPP has released the most comprehensive guide yet to the creation of digital media archives. The DPP Guide to Digital Archiving was published today at IBC 2015, and is designed for anyone who is looking to establish a digital archive for their company or organisation.

The new Guide builds on 10 Things You Need To Know About Digital Storage, which was published at IBC 2014.

“It was inevitable that with the start of file delivery in the UK in 2014, there would come huge interest in how and where to keep those new digital assets,” says DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison. “Our 10 Things guide helped people understand the basics. But The DPP Guide to Digital Archiving provides a definitive reference document for anyone undertaking the formidable task of creating a new digital archive.”

The guide has been the product of input from a huge range of subject matter experts, drawn from across the DPP membership – from production, vendors, broadcasters and archiving bodies. The lead authors were Steve Daly and Heather Powell, who between them have many years of experience of working with media archives.

‘Never have we been so aware of how precious and rare good content is,’ says Steve Daly, Head of Technology for BBC Archives. ‘To have a place where you can keep it safely, and retrieve it easily, feels extraordinarily empowering. But the process of creating such an Archive can also feel daunting without the benefit of advice from those who have done it before.’

The new publication covers all aspects of the archiving process, from deciding what to keep, to different kinds of storage, to issues of retrieval, preservation and security. The DPP Guide to Digital Archiving has already received endorsement from experts in the field:

“Digital archiving projects to date have tended to be the exclusive privilege of broadcasters and large production houses due to costs of systems and availability of technical expertise.,” says Tom Blake, CEO of Imagen Ltd. “But this thorough and informed DPP Guide presents a path for organisations of any size to succeed in digital archiving, showing it does not need to be confusion, cost and complexity.”

Niall Duffy, Head of IT and Workflow Solutions for Sony Europe, agrees: “This is a highly accessible document that sets out processes and methods for storing, managing, and preserving content. In keeping with the DPP style it manages to simplify technical concepts without losing meaning. The report is a useful reference guide for media organisations with even moderate amounts of content, and a good starting point for those looking to preserve their most valuable digital assets.”

“I have not seen a better explanation and it should be essential reading for any broadcaster wanting to switch from tape to a digital file format” says Rex Jenkins, Managing Director for VizRT UK.

The DPP will continue to provide industry leadership around processes for the creation, movement, storage and distribution of file-based content. The partnership is also working with its members on a number of further guides and reports – some of which will be released later in the year.