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DPP welcomes TG4 to Technical Standards Group

The DPP has been boosted by Irish Language TV station TG4, which has joined the industry collaboration’s Technical Standards Group.

Established in 1996 in Galway, TG4 adopted AS-11 for file delivery in 2012 and since then all its commissioned programmes have adhered to the specification.  TG4, known for innovation, also produces, transmits and archives all programme material digitally.

Neil Keaveney, Director of Technology TG4, said, “Having one standard for delivery, production, transmission and archiving has resulted in extremely efficient workflows for TG4. We were also very pleasantly surprised with the speedy uptake and enthusiasm for the AS-11 spec from the production houses in Ireland. One defined specification seemed to remove a lot of the guesswork associated with file delivery.”

Mark Harrison, Chair DPP said, “We are delighted to welcome TG4 to the DPP.  Going fully digital is the ambition of all broadcasters and it is great to see TG4 is successfully implementing industry standards to great effect.  Learning more from their experience will be invaluable to the groups’ understanding of the issues and benefits of file-based delivery.  In other news, it is interesting and encouraging to see that Norwegian broadcaster NRK has based its working practices on the DPP Technical Standards.”

This announcement coincides with the release of v4.1 of the DPP Technical Standards, consisting of minor updates to clarify wording and update links.