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Post Production Workshop Highlights Part Two

We’ve already shared the highlights of the conversations we had with the Post Production companies at our workshop last week about the 2 hot topics in the room: automated QC and delivery to broadcasters.

Now, here’s the best of the rest….


Amending Files After Delivery

Will inserting into AS-11 DPP files ever be possible?

  • The DPP are currently monitoring progress towards ‘insert editing’ to enable quicker correction of rejected AS-11 DPP files.  Tools like this will only work if the duration of the programme is identical.  Otherwise changes would need to be fixed and re-wrapped with a new technical version number.

How can we ensure that sensitive material recalled by the production company does not go to TX?

  • A different production number should be issued for the new file to avoid this situation.
  • Rights Management by nominated individuals is a mature process at the broadcasters so version numbering can be relied upon.



Do broadcasters require a copy of UHD files for archive?

  • If a programme is produced in UHD it is worth keeping the master file. 
  • Discussions are ongoing at the broadcasters as to whether they will require the original footage as well as a final AS-11 DPP file.  It is likely that decisions will be made for individual productions based on a programme’s future value.


Manufacturers / Software

Which software packages can create compliant files?

  • A comprehensive list of these will be published on the DPP website at a later date.  In the meantime if you have noticed any specific issues please report them back to the manufacturers or let us know
  • We’re continuing to work very closely with the manufacturers at our Interoperability Days (next one scheduled for Tue 11th March) and have published a list of those that have taken part in the testing to date.   If there are any other companies you think we should invite please let us know


File Based Implementation

What steps have the DPP taken towards spreading the word about how to create and deliver a compliant AS-11 DPP file?

  • Training is not part of the DPP remit, however, we are planning a DPP Forum session for production companies on Wed 21st January to address this part of the process in more detail.  Please monitor the Upcoming Events page for joining details.

When will each broadcaster begin to take file deliveries?

  • ITV will migrate in house from mid February onwards, Indies from mid March / start of April onwards with all deliveries being by file by 1st Oct 2014. C4 will follow a similar process.  The BBC has been working with selected production companies for some time and will begin to introduce file delivery on a production-by-production basis throughout 2014.



When should we start delivering to EBU R128?

  • The production company should tell the post house whether the programme is mixed to PPM or R128.  Ideally this should be based on the version of the Technical Standards that the production company is contracted to deliver to.  However, as a rule, if you’re delivering on file it should be R128 and if you’re delivering on tape it may be R128 but PPM will still be acceptable as long as the relevant standard is flagged to the broadcaster.

What is required in terms of Dolby 5.1 Metadata?

  • Dolby metadata provision will be integrated into version 1.3 of the DPP Metadata Application, which will enable the inputting and editing of audio metadata. This is expected for release in early Summer 2014.
  • If 5.1 is required it will normally be included in the contract between the broadcaster and the production company.

When will Loudness guidelines be implemented for commercials?

  • The DPP are working on this currently and expect loudness to implemented in Spring 2014 with a full DPP technical specification for commercials following in Summer 2014.
  • Commercials could, in theory be R128 straight away but as many ads are in use for long periods of time they will be sequenced with commercials currently mixed to PPM.


Many thanks to all who made our first Post Production workshop such a success.  Don’t forget to send us your feedback and keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page for details for further events throughout 2014.

 This blog post was written by Jayne.