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Tech trends that matter are not the ones you think

The DPP has published a thought provoking new report arguing that the media industry has failed to focus on the trends that matter most. Why We Get Trends Wrong (And How To Get Them Right) looks at the technology trends that have caused a buzz around trade shows, conferences and media companies over the last ten years. It finds a strong focus on innovations that claim to change the very nature of media – while missing the profound changes in consumer behaviour that are actually transforming our industry.

“As the hype around VR subsides I realised it was just the latest in a long list of innovations that claimed a whole new kind of creativity,” says DPP Managing Director and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “And I wondered why we have paid so much attention to such technologies, while the transformative impact of the smartphone gets barely a mention.”

So Harrison researched the technology trends that have gained the greatest attention in the media sector since 2010, and found some clear patterns.

“We seem to be distracted by any new device that seems to alter the form of audio visual content,” he says. “And at the same time, we seem reluctant to address just how much new consumer behaviours – from binge viewing, to vertical video, to live streaming – are requiring us to completely re-engineer our business.”

The findings from this work were presented by Mark Harrison at the HPA Technical Retreat in Palm Springs, 23 February 2018. The report develops the themes in the presentation. It looks at:

  • what consumer technology trends really mean for media
  • the divide between the professional and consumer technology trends
  • what consumer spending habits show us
  • five reasons we get technology trends wrong
  • five ways we can get them right

The report is available for DPP Members to download now. The DPP’s next publication will be a guide to the Business Benefits of IMF, available to DPP Members in April.