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The DPP Unveils File Based Analyser Testing

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has unveiled its plans for the testing and certification of File Based Analyser devices (e.g. Automated Quality Control (AQC) products).

The DPP will define test criteria for Analyser products by the end of October, and begin certification level testing by early November as part of its new Compliance Programme.

To date the DPP Compliance programme has focused testing on AS-11 DPP File ‘Writer’ and ‘Reader’ devices only, which has led to the certification of a number of ‘Writer and/or Reader’ products by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA).

The next phase of the Programme will cover Analyser and AQC devices, which by their very nature are more complex and therefore require an enhanced set of test criteria and processes for checking the integrity of AS-11 DPP files.

Kevin Burrows, DPP Technical Standards Lead and CTO Broadcast & Distribution Channel 4, said, “We realise the importance that Analyser  devices play in supporting interoperability, and their contribution to the compliance programme to date. We look forward to being able to offer certification for these essential products.”

Continuing to work together, the DPP offers product testing and the AMWA provides the certification authority.  The aim is to provide manufacturers with the opportunity to put their products through an external assurance check against the DPP’s criteria, and to help consumers identify products that have been independently assessed.

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