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Developed in collaboration with NABA, AMWA AS-11 X9 provides a specification for the delivery of air-ready masters in HD, based on the requirements of North American broadcasters. A member of the AMWA AS-11 X family of specifications, the AS-11 X1 specification has the following characteristics:

  • Designed for completed programme deliveries
  • Based on the MXF OP1A format
  • AVC Intra Class 100 compression for HD

Download the Specification

The AMWA AS-11 X9 specification can be downloaded from the AMWA website.

History of the Specification

Through a partnership between NABA and the DPP, nine of the major North American broadcasters – ABC/Disney, Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Fox, HBO, NBCUniversal, PBS, Time Warner and Turner – contributed to a common file format, structure and wrapper based on the AS-11 UK DPP specification implemented in the UK in 2014. AS-11 X9 was published in 2018.