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IMF Implementation

As with any DPP technical work, the publication of specifications is just the start. Our role is to ensure that the industry can deliver.
We facilitate the journey from specification through to implementation in a variety of ways:

  • Creating educational resources such as guidelines, best practice process, operation guidelines and delivery templates.
  • Influencing adoption in operational, technical and commercial sectors by publishing focused FAQ documents and Business Benefits reports.
  • Case studies: we support members’ pilot projects, update the community on current proofs of concepts, and tackle organisational blockers.

Implementation Guidance

This following collection of documents has been developed to provide implementers with a common set of working practices when working with TSP 2121-1 (IMF for Broadcast & Online). Each document is based on business needs identified by DPP member companies when planning their practical implementations.

Industry Insights

In addition, the DPP’s publication The Business Benefits of IMF, enabled by Editshare Qscan, helps decision makers and leaders in content supply chain companies to understand the financial and operational benefits of adopting IMF.

Business Benefits of IMF

The Business Benefits of IMF is available as a PDF booklet, and also as a presentation deck with handout notes to support you in the adoption of IMF for Broadcast & Online. It is available to DPP members here »

 Meet the IMF Pioneers explores current and upcoming implementations of IMF for Broadcast & Online.

Meet the IMF Pioneers.