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IMF Implementation

As with any DPP technical work, the publication of specifications is just the start. The heart of our work is facilitating the journey from specification through to implementation by enabling collaboration and engagement between you, the industry stakeholders. Our implementation work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Creating educational resources to help with in-house training, such as guidelines, best practice process, and delivery templates.
  • Influencing adoption inoperational, technical and commercial sectors by publishing focused FAQ documents and Business Benefits reports.
  • Case studies: we support members’ pilot projects, update the community on current proofs of concepts, and tackle organisational blockers.
  • Creating and distributing supporting technical and operational documents, including Operational Guidelines and delivery specification templates.

The DPP’s publication Meet the IMF Pioneers explores current and upcoming implementations of IMF for Broadcast & Online, and the IMF Operational Guidelines offer guidance on implementing IMF. Both are available to DPP members.

Meet the IMF Pioneers.    IMF Operational Guidelines