Issue 41

May 2020

Next Gen Supply Chain

A major new report exploring how some major content companies have adopted software defined, cloud led supply chains - and asking what this approach could mean for the media industry more widely.
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Plus! On 28 May at a special webinar we'll invite industry leaders to discuss the huge and controversial themes raised in the report.

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Supplying the VOD Revolution

Groundbreaking DPP research has exposed the supply of content to VOD platforms as perhaps the industry’s biggest pain point.
How can we make it better?

On 19th May members will hear from content suppliers, and some of the world's biggest VOD platforms.

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Lockdown: It’s emotional

The DPP, in partnership with Signiant, is researching how months of remote working is impacting us all.

Some of the early findings reflect what we’re really feeling behind our brave faces.

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Looking beyond lockdown: will we recognise ourselves?

In a special keynote on 12 May, DPP MD Mark Harrison will give his 5 predictions for how the media industry will be changed by COVID-19.

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Unlocking Creativity in Crisis

Gain some practical insights into how productions are surviving and thriving in lockdown in this webinar on 14 May.


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Other news

Welcome to our newest members!

Kendo Prime Media Premiere Digital
The DPP Committed to Security programme allows all production
and broadcast suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to working
towards and adhering to cyber security best practice.

New holders of the DPP Committed to Security marks are:
Dalet Overcast
The DPP Committed to Sustainability programme is an industry leading scheme celebrating and promoting good practice in environmental sustainability, across the media industry.

Our latest Sustainability heroes are:
BT BT Sport