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All DPP events and reports are available for sponsorship – but only to DPP member companies. Sponsors get the benefit of associating their brand with our exclusive, high quality and targeted outputs.

We have sponsorship packages to fit all budgets and can tailor bespoke packages to ensure you get the best possible return on investment, depending on your company’s individual needs.

We’ll always maintain editorial control of outputs, but we’re happy to discuss subjects that may be of mutual interest, so that the outputs you choose to sponsor will align well with your objectives.

We hold a number of different events during the year – from small and exclusive to large and open. And we produce many outputs for a range of audiences – from technical to production.

Opportunities for sponsors could include:

  • Your branding on event communications and materials
  • Hosting events or work stream meetings at your premises
  • Your banners or other promotional items at events
  • Access to the raw data from surveys or research
  • Access to opt-in contact information for event attendees
  • DPP publicity about your support
  • Written outputs from events, including your branding, with a license to distribute to your customers or for lead generation
  • Exclusive guest passes for your clients to member-only events
  • Co-hosting VIP lunches or dinners with the DPP leadership
  • Bespoke invitation lists, based on your company’s preferences

Events include:

  • Technology Leaders Briefing – Our flagship event in which 30 CTOs from content providers and major tech firms share their priorities for the year ahead with 400-500 DPP members
  • DPP Exclusive – a leaders’ summit for 60-70 senior executive ahead of NAB in Las Vegas
  • Securing Creativity – A security conference like no other, for 80-100 DPP members, bringing together content creators with cyber security experts.
  • DPP AT HOME – unique workshops with 20-30 expert members on a selected topic from which they create a special report
  • Executive Dinners – bespoke high quality encounters for 20-25 senior executives with special guest speakers. Reports can be created as an optional extra.

If you are interested in these or any other way of approaching sponsorship do talk to us.

All our sponsorship activities are also subject to our Commercial Guidelines.