Our mission is to deliver a simpler, more effective global content supply chain. We produce specifications and recommendations, backed up by workflow guidance and implementation support.

DPP Tech Network

DPP technical projects are driven by the interest and engagement of our members. The DPP Tech Network is a group of individuals who would like to be informed about, or take part in, those technical projects.

Members of the Network are sent invitations to update meetings, notes from those meetings, and other announcements. For example when, we launch a new technical project we'll invite your input, and when one of our documents is reaching its final draft we'll send it to you for review.

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Latest Downloads

DPP008 Business to Business Metadata Exchange Appendix A

Appendix A of DPP008 - AS-11 UK DPP HD Mapping Into MDDF Schemas.

DPP008 Business to Business Metadata Exchange

This recommendation aims to reduce friction in the media supply chain at the points of content interchange, specifically around the exchange of metadata.


DPP Tech Network: November 2021

The slides from the DPP Tech Network quarterly meeting, November 2021.

RDD6 Metadata XML Generator

A simple web application for generating RDD-6 XML metadata files.

DPP Document Formats

DPP technical documents are mostly published in one of our main formats. Learn more about what each one means.



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