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The DPP is committed to delivering the activities and insights that the industry most needs. If you'd like to get involved with our upcoming projects and events listed below, contact us.

The DPP Espresso Summit 2023

The DPP’s Espresso Summit provides a shot of high quality content and networking at the start of the first day of IBC, Amsterdam.

Located in a venue right beside the RAI, the DPP Espresso Summit brings together 100 specially invited senior executives for breakfast and networking, followed by four special content sessions

For more information please contact Abdul Hakim.

IBC 2023: Supply vs Demand

Following up on our report from the NAB Show in March 2023, the DPP will publish another report in our Demand vs Supply series from IBC 2023.

This report will focus on 4 key demands that have been identified by our customer members at DPP events over the past few months as being important for their businesses including:

  • Optimising Video Streaming
  • Generative AI
  • Modular Asset Management
  • Simplifying Automation

For more information on how you can be involved with this project, please contact David Thompson.

AI in Media: What Does Good Look Like?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been growing in importance in recent years; the DPP's first exploration was back in 2018, and certain areas were reaching maturity even then. But 2023 has seen an avalanche of new and more advanced AI solutions, spurred on by the popularity of new Large Language Models (LLMs) and other Generative AI tools.

These innovations will impact the way our industry functions. Jobs will be changed, lost, and made; business capabilities will evolve and emerge. But amid the hype, excitement, and fear, what will the practical impacts be? Specifically, in which areas is AI capability good enough — professionally and ethically — to make a tangible impact?

For more information on how you can be involved with this project, please contact Rowan de Pomerai.

Hybrid Working in the Media Industry

The ways in which media companies work has been transformed in the last three years. The combination of hybrid working and the flexibility now provided by the cloud offers organisations the potential to tailor their in-person and remote operations to an extraordinary degree.

But this transformation has happened so rapidly that few companies feel confident they have adapted to new ways of working effectively and efficiently.

Hybrid Working in the Media Industry explores enterprise collaboration, distributed working, remote production and future of work initiatives at media companies.

For more information on how you can be involved with this project, please contact Abdul Hakim.

Future Ready Media Businesses

How are media organisations measuring their future readiness? Following on from Cognizant’s 2022 work with the Economist Intelligence Unit which benchmarked media organisations against other sectors, the DPP is partnering with Cognizant to take this research deeper into broadcast media.

Based on interview assessments with senior executives at media organisations, the DPP will produce a strategic insight report to provide a picture of our industry as a whole - and it will identify where lessons might be learned from other sectors.

The aggregated results and conclusions of the assessments will be shared with members in a report written by the DPP, in collaboration with Cognizant. The report will be published just ahead of the DPP Leaders’ Briefing in November 2023.

For more information on how you can be involved with this project, please contact Edward Qualtrough.

Leaders' Briefing

The DPP's 8th annual Leaders' Briefing takes place in person in London.
Senior executives from over 30 major media organisations will share exclusive intelligence about their priorities. No other industry event provides so much focused insight in one place, all tailored to suppliers and content providers.

For more information on how you can be involved with this project, please contact Mark Harrison.

CES 2024

The DPP’s analysis of CES is widely regarded as the best in the media industry. Our exclusive breakfast briefing and annual report will share our analysis from this year’s Show. Work with us to help the professional media industry understand what the latest consumer trends really mean.

For more information please contact Mark Harrison.

DPP Predictions 2024

The DPP Predictions is our most downloaded report. Your organisation can be the enabler of this important work that uncovers the themes that will dominate the boardroom agenda for the year ahead.

For more information on how you can be involved please contact Mark Harrison.

European Broadcaster Summit 2024

The DPP's third exclusive conference event bringing together broadcasters from across Europe to share and discuss key messages with their supplier community. This special, invitation only, Summit, with a distinctive workshop format, is designed to promote collaboration.

Together they will engage in high value conversations, facilitated by the DPP, that promote understanding and engagement.

For more information please contact Mark Harrison.



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