Marketing and Communications Executive

Contract details: Staff/Permanent, full time. Hybrid working, based in London.

Who we are

The DPP is the international network for media and technology companies, with well over 500 member companies. We work with many of the biggest names in the media industry, such as Amazon, Disney, Google, Paramount, Warner Bros Discovery, Apple, Meta, BBC, RTL, Sky, ZDF, and many more.

We have quickly established a reputation as the media industry’s leading organisation. We have a unique ability to bring media companies and their technology and services suppliers together, to gain insight, drive change, and create business opportunities.

We have a reputation for being dynamic, productive and effective. People enjoy our communication style and well organised events. The DPP team is popular and respected - it’s exciting to be part of it.

What we do

The DPP has three main areas of activity:

  1. We research and publish around a dozen insight reports each year - ranging from consumer trends, to industry surveys, to look at the latest tech developments in areas such as AI.
  2. We organise and deliver a huge number of events, from small online workshops to executive dinners to our three major conferences, in the USA, Germany and Britain.
  3. We enable technology collaborations between our member companies.

To support all these pieces - as well as our membership proposition - we have a huge amount of engagement with our members, and that’s where this role comes in.

Purpose of the role

The DPP is renowned for the quality of its communications, and for its commitment to delivering value to its member companies. 

In this role you will be part of our marketing team, working closely with the editorial and sales teams to market and communicate everything we do - ensuring we are engaging the right people, in the right way, at the right time, and providing a great member experience. 

The role puts you at the heart of all this activity, helping to plan and execute member engagements, creating marketing campaigns, and supporting events. If you like a mix of both digital and physical marketing; enjoy in-person engagements with customers as well as planning and data analysis; and like being part of a team as well as taking individual responsibility, this is for you.

Key responsibilities

This role has responsibilities in four areas: communications, events, campaigns, and our website.


  • Social media - creating and publishing posts about DPP activity on LinkedIn
  • Podcast marketing - publicising and promoting our regular podcasts
  • Customer outreach - communicating with our members to encourage them to consume our content, come to our events, or provide their views
  • Customer relations - liaising with sponsors, and responding to ad hoc member queries in a way that builds our members’ relationship with the DPP

Across all these activities you’ll be applying an analytical eye - noticing what works well, and what doesn’t, and always looking to improve and enrich our engagements.


  • Planning and delivery - supporting our Events Producer and Chief Content Officer in the planning, communication and delivery of some of our major events. You will also have the opportunity to take full responsibility for some smaller events.


  • Design and delivery - putting together individual customer engagement campaigns using customer engagement tools
  • Data analysis - monitoring performance, developing insights, and making recommendations 
  • Presentation - sharing insights and recommendations to the team based on your data analysis 


  • Content creation - putting together webpages for projects you are working on
  • Content management - maintaining up to date information across the website, and taking the initiative on updates and changes

Who will you work with?

Your day-to-day manager will be the DPP’s Campaign and Communications Manager. You will also work very closely with our Programme Manager, Events Producer, Editorial Director, and Chief Content Officer.

The DPP is a team of fourteen - twelve full time and two part time. Together we achieve a huge amount, so everyone both takes individual responsibility and works closely with each other.

What will enable you to do well in the DPP?

These are some of the attributes that will enable you to flourish at the DPP:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Great attention to detail with a high focus on accuracy
  • An ability to multitask, prioritise, and take the initiative - we have lots going on in parallel
  • An analytical, curious mindset, and a willingness to explore and learn new tools and techniques
  • Familiarity and confidence with systems such as CMS and CRM platforms, digital marketing tools, and cloud based workplace tools (we use Google Workspace)..
  • A customer-focused attitude, full of creative thinking about how to engage with current and prospective customers
  • An outgoing personality that takes delight in meeting and working with new people
  • A passion for delivering projects successfully

Some more about The DPP

The DPP was founded in 2015, so it is still a young and growing company. We are based in London, but operate internationally. You will get to travel abroad from time to time.

We are known for being responsive and relevant. We are obsessed with delivering great value to current and prospective customers, and that’s what we discuss as a team all the time. 

We are a team that cares passionately about our values of openness, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

We have a hybrid working model. The whole team comes into the London office on a Wednesday and Thursday - but on the other three days you are free to choose whether to work at home or in the office.

We are very transparent - so as a member of the DPP team you will get to see how the business is performing, and be part of the discussion about how we continue to grow.

We are constantly discussing, as a team, how we can do better. That means we encourage opinions from everyone in the team about everything we do.

We are very productive - we generate a lot of outputs and activity - so people who are very output focused enjoy working for us.

We have a great range of staff benefits:

  • 25 days annual leave 
  • DPP Pension Scheme
  • Additional birthday leave 
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Electric Car leasing scheme
  • Health care plan
  • Bi-monthly team social events
  • 6 months paid maternity and paternity leave

To apply, please send your cv, together with a short statement (between 100 and 250 words) on why you are attracted to this role, to

Learn More

If you’re interested in this role, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch with Michelle to apply, or just to ask questions and find out if it’s the right role for you.

Michelle Lustig

HR Director



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