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Film Locker is an independent company providing secure, offline, data storage services. We track, secure and simply store your valuable archive and ongoing production rushes and masters.
What you need to know :
• multiple backup copies are created, mitigating against any possible data loss
• viewable online database of your stored data for easy review
• You can recall data from your archive at any time.
• Your staff can be released from the time-consuming job of archiving and searching for material
• Your office no longer needs huge, expensive servers or the latest LTO machines to hold your footage. Hard drives can now be reused.
• Your valuable assets remain future proofed, in a current industry format, at the highest resolution for as many years as you wish.

Caroline Bingham
020 7323 2210

Archive, Storage & Distribution

- Master and Rushes off line archiving service
- Tape Storage and digitising service
- Data back up solutions
- Service provider for data-basing content
- Digital data storage provider

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