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LMH is the new name for Liquid Media Hub. We are a media services and post production specialist servicing the broadcast, VOD/OTT and film industries.
We offer an end-to-end media service, including content ingest from a wide range of formats, digitisation and restoration, automated and assisted QC, compliance, asset management, DPP and VOD file creation and swift, secure file delivery.
Our team boasts decades of industry industry, and can tailor our solution to your precise needs. We work with rights owners, producers and film distributors to help them evolve to file-based distribution, both to traditional broadcasters and to VOD/OTT platforms.
Our state-of-the-art content services facility offers over a Petabyte of storage, and is fully equipped for 4K HDR QC and editing, as well as having two 7.1 audio suites.

Gary Edwards
+44 (0)1525 450 001

Archive, Storage & Distribution

Our archiving services allow you to digitise your legacy format assets, preparing your content for monetisation through VOD and OTT programming, and allowing you to reduce existing storage costs by creating a scalable, accessible digital library.
We offer secure storage solutions, either at our facility or in the cloud, that are cost-effective, scalable and secure, with encryption and full redundancy providing you with assurance that your content is both safe and accessible.

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File Transfer

We are able to receive and deliver your content from and to anywhere in the world securely and efficiently. We use Aspera’s P-P accelerated point-to-point file delivery system, which is ideal for low latency, as well as running Signiant Media Shuttle for web-based file transfers. Our systems are fully encrypted, ensuring your content is protected at all times.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

LMH Protect is our archive digitisation and restoration service, which is designed to preserve and restore your assets and prepare them for monetisation.
Our systems fully support the digitisation of a wide range of formats, including Sony Digital Betacam, D1, D2, D3, D5, 1”, 2”, DVCam, U-Matic and many more. We can bake and clean degraded or damaged tapes, enabling replay of these assets to a file domain to protect them for future use.
We support file-based workflows, for direct ingest from your content providers, using direct point-to-point file transfer or any web-based accelerated platform such as Signiant or Aspera.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

LMH’s media asset management service supports an end-to-end workflow from ingest, QC and compliance to versioning, delivery and storage. We support 4K/HDR, HD, VOD and OTT workflows, with the ability to undertake transcoding, file and baseband standards conversion and secure, accelerated point-to-point file delivery to your end users.
Our in-house storage offers a Petabyte of capacity, with the ability to interface directly with client MAM- or web-based file hosting systems, and employs encryption at all times for secure storage and delivery.

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Post Production Facilities

Our DPP-compliant post production services include 4K/ UHD - HDR editing and QC/QAR in our dedicated 4K studio, equipped with a Canon DP-V2410 4K LCD monitor and Tektronix 8300 4K waveform monitor. We offer all leading NLEs including Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut and Avid Media Composer.
Our facility houses two dedicated 5.1 and 7.1 audio suites, equipped with Avid Pro Tools for EBU R128 loudness testing, volume correction, audio editing, audio encoding and decoding and processing on linear PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio.

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Programme Compliance & Reporting

LMH can call upon a wealth of experience in in international programme distribution to ensure that your content is compliant with OFCOM and local regulations for UK and overseas delivery.
Your content will be reviewed by skilled and experienced compliance officers to flag up any issues that might arise in the specific region or regions to which you are delivering. We can either work with your in-house editors or provide editing services ourselves to help you fix any problems that our compliance testing identifies.
And we can apply the output from the compliance process to your library as your territory master mezzanine to ensure subsequent compliance with technical package specifications such as the DPP package.

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Programme Sales & Distribution

Our expert team is hugely experienced in international distribution fulfilment of content. We are perfectly placed to work with you and your clients to ensure your final file delivery precisely meets the technical requirements of the end-user, ensuring file formats, descriptive and technical metadata, language versions and delivery method are all to spec.
Our Petabyte of in-house storage means all your assets and associated metadata can be efficiently and securely stored, ready for syndication and monetisation.

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QC, Deliverables & Measurement

LMH can call upon a wealth of experience to provide a DPP-compliant QC service that supports 4K/HDR, HD and SD workflows, as well as PSE testing, manual three-point and five-point QAR, and loudness and R128 audio checking.
We work with you to establish an appropriate QC ethos for your needs and those of your client, using an approach that focuses on assisted quality control. While we employ software-based automated checking to flag up potential QC issues, we ensure that all your content is seen by expert human eyes.
As well as being a member of the DPP, LMH is a member of FACT, and is approved by ITV GE and BBC Studios, so your content is in safe hands.

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