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Signiant delivers the solutions that the world’s top media companies rely on to move petabytes of content every day, over standard IP networks, securely, reliably and fast. Built on Signiant’s patented and award-winning file transfer acceleration technology, the company’s on-premises and cloud-native SaaS solutions are the first choice for moving large media files over distance – between systems, between people, and to and from cloud object storage. As the recognized leader in cloud-provisioned file transfer solutions, Signiant continues to innovate to offer the distributed modern media enterprise the cutting edge, cloud-ready, tools they need. As files get larger, cloud adoption expands, and global video demand keeps rising, Signiant provides a vital backbone for every Media & Entertainment organization.

Greg Hoskin
+44 797 676 3919

File Transfer

All Signiant file transfer products share the same underlying technology that guarantees fast, reliable and secure delivery of content, regardless of network, latency or file size. Speed is derived from the patented Signiant Transfer Protocol which moves files up to 200 times faster than standard TCP-based mechanisms. Reliability is ensured by the Checkpoint Restart feature which guarantees that any interrupted transfer automatically restarts from the point of interruption, with no loss of data. Security is a product of Signiant’s design philosophy in which defense in depth and third-party audits are key components of the development process. Signiant’s signature usability and ease of deployment complement the technology core and ensure that all new Signiant customers rapidly experience industry-leading file acceleration.

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