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DPP explores a fully IP future for content delivery

The DPP has today published a new research report, Delivering the IP Future, which sheds light on the technologies that will enable the media and entertainment industry to deliver an all-IP future for content distribution.

“The changing nature of video delivery is a topic that no media executive can afford to ignore,” says Rowan de Pomerai, Head of Delivery & Growth, DPP. “This new research combines expertise from 13 specialists to give an industry-wide view on the evolving landscape, that will help us all to direct our attention where it matters most.”

In last year’s Preparing for an IP Future, DPP members examined the business challenges posed by the transition to full IP distribution of content, and one of the top challenges identified was peak load scaling. A number of new technologies exist that may help deal with the demand generated by the largest scale viewing, such as major live events, yet the maturity and application of these technologies varies, and buzzwords abound, so understanding their true impact can be difficult.

Delivering the IP Future, created with input from experts from 13 DPP member companies, provides in-depth technical insight on how that scaling challenge can be conquered; and which technologies will enable success. Technologies explored in the research include:


  • 5G Broadcasting which could, in theory, replace or augment traditional over-the-air transmission
  • Multicast delivery which offers dramatic efficiency improvements over unicast when delivering the same content to many viewers
  • Peer to peer which aims to offload traffic from delivery networks by sharing content directly between viewers
  • Edge computing which promises new and exciting capabilities for delivery optimisation and personalisation
  • Content Delivery Networks which form a crucial part of today’s delivery infrastructure, and continue to evolve and expand


Enabled by DPP member Centurylink, Delivering the IP Future delves into these technologies and others, before offering readers ‘10 things you need to know’ about delivering the IP future.

“Our customers around the world are delivering video in unprecedented volumes, and exponential growth of IP video delivery is set to continue,” says Rory McVicar, Director of Product Management, Centurylink. “We’re delighted to partner with the DPP on this research, which brings together a range of industry voices to explore how we can all meet the challenges ahead of us, delivering the experience audiences expect as their viewing habits move online.”

As content delivery moves increasingly online, content providers are moving their supply chains to the cloud. In the spring, an upcoming DPP report will explore the experience of those who are building this Next Generation Content Supply Chain.