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The DPP creates unique assessment of AI in media

The DPP has published a new report for its Members that looks in detail at how AI is being applied in the media industry, and where future potential lies. Home Truths: AI for Real summarises the work of around 20 experts drawn from the DPP Membership. The experts were brought together at a DPP At Home event – the DPP’s meeting series that specialises in focussing Members’ knowledge and experience to create white papers on specific issues – to explore the business application of AI.

The event was hosted by DPP Member, Amazon, and the report was enabled by another DPP Member company – GreyMeta.

“A huge amount has been said about AI in the media industry in the last couple of years,” says DPP MD Mark Harrison, “but there has been remarkably little focus on the real business value and opportunities around the application of AI to media processes. This report represents the clearest business development route map for AI yet presented in the media sector.”

Home Truths: AI for Real provides an audit of how AI could be applied to the key processes in the content supply chain, together with an assessment of its current level of maturity. The analysis is set in the context of the potential business benefits that could be delivered by the various AI enabled processes.

The report:

  • identifies key distinctions in the relevance of AI for different content types
  • identifies where and how AI will be most effectively applied across 13 different stages in the content supply chain
  • creates a picture of the gap between the ‘as is’ and ‘could be’ for AI in media
  • creates a benefits map that in turn represents an implementation map for AI

The report also looks at some of the key challenges for the further adoption of AI technologies – some of which can only be addressed through collaboration between customers and suppliers. The DPP will use the findings from the report to inform its work with Member companies in the months ahead.

The next DPP At Home event takes place on 24 January 2019 and will bring together DPP Members from both the content provider and supplier communities to draw up the DPP’s 2019 Predictions. The event and report will be enabled by DPP Member, Imagen.