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What do 75% of members get from the DPP?

By Jayne de Ville, DPP Marketing Manager

Every year we run a survey to check in with the whole DPP membership and find out how we’re doing. This year we received loads of positive and constructive feedback. Here are some of the headlines.

75% of our members say they get tangible business benefit from being a member. As the media industry’s business network that makes us really happy!

Our primary goal is bringing together customers and suppliers to solve problems and create opportunities so we’re delighted to observe (on a daily basis) that you’re making the most of the connections you forge and the opportunities that arise from the work we do together, both to generate new business and improve existing relationships. 

Over 80% of those surveyed this year said that they’re proud to be a DPP member, so when you’re at IBC or at NAB see if you can spot the telltale signs of DPP membership around the show. And do ask our members if there’s any DPP work with which they think you should be involved. You might be surprised by the range of projects we’re working on at the moment!

Members tell us that it’s our business insight that they value the most. Whether you get that by reading our reports, attending our events, or by participating in our various technology projects, you’ll find that actionable business insight is the core DPP activity that we promise to keep on delivering into 2020 and beyond.

You’ve also been particularly complimentary about the quality of our events. Over the last four years, we’ve seen affection for our events grow year on year with almost everyone happy with how we run our events. Your feedback is always hugely valuable to us and this year it’s given us an idea for a completely new strand of events for 2020 – so watch out for those invitations in your inbox in the new year.

Everyone loves a compliment, but we know there are some things we can improve as well. Not everyone finds our website useful or easy to navigate. We’re working on this, in fact we’ve already implemented some changes this year to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and we’ve got further updates planned for 2019/20.

I’d like to offer a huge thank you to all of the members that took part in the survey, and those who give their advice, expertise and feedback so generously throughout the year. Please keep it coming so we can keep delivering insight, events and technical projects that are timely and relevant to your business.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a DPP member then get in touch with Rowan, DPP Head of Delivery and Growth, to find out how your company can benefit from first class networking, expert insight, and targeted business intelligence to help you do business more effectively.