Committed To Security

The DPP Committed to Security programme allows all production and broadcast suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to working towards and adhering to cyber security best practice.

Your content is extremely valuable, so it’s critical that every link in the media supply chain meets standards of security best practice. The industry as a whole must focus on continual improvement so that buyers of technology, services and facilities can be assured that suppliers are committed to keeping content secure. That’s why we created the DPP Committed to Security Programme.

The programme consists of a self-assessment questionnaire, which is then reviewed by quality assurance expert and DPP member, Eurofins Digital Testing. The programme is available to all suppliers, including technology vendors, service providers, facilities, and more.

It’s very difficult to take co-ordinated action on such a difficult problem as cybersecurity. But the DPP’s Committed to Security Programme is a way for us to move forward together.

Matthew Postgate, Chief Technology & Product Officer, BBC

How do I take part?

The DPP Committed to Security Programme is free to DPP members. There is an administration fee for non-members, of £1,500 per licensed mark per annum.

A checklist and user guide is provided for each of the two marks (broadcast and production). You can download these below, along with the terms and conditions. When you’re ready to proceed, just complete the online application form.

From Jun 2020, fully compliant checklists will now be awarded a license for 2 years. Partially compliant checklists will be awarded a license for 1 year.

Take part now

Complete your online application, and we'll get in touch with the next steps.

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We have been impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the DPP’s Committed to Security Programme. The review process was robust and professional, and also focused our attention on areas where we could improve our security governance.

Owen Tyler, Operations Director, Evolutions

Download the Checklists

Here you can download the checklists themselves, along with the accompanying guidelines. We recommend taking a look through these before applying. You can also read the programme terms and conditions, and the usage guidelines for the Committed to Security mark.

Committed to Security Broadcast Checklist

Committed to Security Broadcast Checklist User Guide

Committed to Security Production Checklist

Committed to Security Production Checklist User Guide

Committed to Security Mark Usage Guidelines

Committed to Security Programme Terms & Conditions

Our partner

The DPP Committed to Sustainability Programme is supported by Eurofins Digital Testing.

The DPP Committed To Security programme has provided us with a method to show our customers, and the industry, how serious Avid is about our security and business continuity plans to protect customers data, as well as helping customers achieve the same. The impressively comprehensive checklist combines the best media security standards spanning the broadcast and post production industry segments.

Shailendra Mathur, VP Architecture, Avid

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Get involved

To find out more, or get involved in this work, please contact Abdul.

If your company is not a DPP member, you can learn more about the benefits of membership, or contact Michelle to discuss joining.

Abdul Hakim

Abdul Hakim

Programme Delivery Manager

If your company is not a DPP member, you can learn more about the benefits of membership, or contact Michelle to discuss joining.


Participation in this Programme is intended to help reduce the likelihood of content loss or theft. However, no amount of best practice or adherence to standards will eliminate all of the risks. The DPP is not responsible for the individual organisation’s implementation of the Committed to Security programme, and cannot be held accountable should a breach occur.



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