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UK Broadcaster Delivery Requirements

In addition to the AMWA AS-11 UK DPP specifications, we have developed, in partnership with our UK broadcaster members, a consistent set of delivery requirements for the delivery of programmes to UK broadcasters.

Each broadcaster has published a Delivery Requirements document based on a common template. Each set of requirements cover file based and live deliveries, in SD, HD and UHD, and provides the broadcaster’s own contact information and specific constraints.

A series of Supplements giving additional advice on Metadata, HDR, Surround Sound, 3D and Super16 is also available.

Download the Documents

The documents can be downloaded below:

DPP Template Delivery Requirements

Broadcaster Delivery Requirements


Supporting Information

Informational material and events are available to support producers and other users of our specifications. DPP members can download a guide to using the AS-11 DPP specification to deliver to UK broadcasters, called A Producer’s Guide to File Delivery .

Producers Guide to File Delivery