About Us

The DPP is the media industry’s business network. We’re based in London but operate internationally.

Our purpose is to bring together companies from the whole media supply chain to share knowledge, solve problems and create business opportunities.

We believe that openness, collaboration and shared insight are key to success in a complex media environment in which no company can do everything itself.

Our skill is to create and facilitate those conversations in a safe, trusted environment.

We’re the business intelligence team every company needs.

We’re the business intelligence team every company needs

What makes the DPP unique?

The DPP is a neutral entity. We don’t campaign or lobby for any part of the industry. Our interest is only in helping everyone to succeed.

We understand the industry we work in. We are a team with real world experience of making and delivering content – both for content companies and suppliers.

That makes us the network for media industry experts, run by industry experts.

The DPP is for media industry experts, run by industry experts

The DPP has a light touch governance structure. It makes us highly agile: we're able to respond to whatever is happening in the market. That ensures our work is always relevant and purposeful. And we're highly productive: we deliver a lot, fast.

What can the DPP do for you?

We are obsessed with helping you do business more effectively.

All our outputs and events are generated by us bringing together experts from our membership.

We’ll put you in the room – virtual or physical – with the people you really need to know.

We’ll put you in the room with the people you really need to know

We will help you build incredible connections, and bring you unparalleled insight and business engagements that come from spending time with your customers, suppliers and peers.

Your company can also build its brand through the DPP by partnering with us on our reports and events. You can be sure of being associated with the highest quality materials and activities in the industry - consumed by the people that matter.

If you want something more bespoke, we can do that too. Member companies engage us to host and facilitate events, give expert presentations and keynotes, undertake specialist research, and provide consultancy.

And don’t forget that when you become a DPP member company we treat all your employees as DPP members. They can all access our outputs and activities. So that means we are an unbeatable personal development resource for your people.

The DPP is an unbeatable personal development resource for your people

What’s the origin of the DPP?

The DPP came into existence as a membership organisation in 2015.

We were around for a few years before that, however. In 2011 three UK broadcasters – ITV, Channel 4, and the BBC – decided to collaborate informally to hasten the move to end to end digital working. They called this endeavour the Digital Production Partnership – which was rapidly reduced to simply the DPP.

The DPP brought together colleagues from across the industry – in production, post production, technology and distribution. This collaboration led to the definition of a common specification for the delivery of content in file format.

The DPP began as a way of building collaboration across the supply chain

In October 2014 all UK broadcasters adopted the new DPP delivery format and removed video tape from their processes.

It was a fine achievement. But what caused most attention was the fact that the DPP was able to facilitate discussion, collaboration, and agreement between different parts of the media supply chain. Once that had begun, no one wanted it to end. That’s why the DPP became a formal entity.

ITV, Channel 4, and the BBC remain shareholders in the DPP. But the DPP’s remit is now global, and extends beyond broadcasting to all forms of audio visual content.

What are the DPP’s values?

We care passionately about how we work and communicate. We are always responsive, solution focused, business aware and relevant. Our communications are clear and easy to understand. We are open, collaborative, inclusive and accessible.

We’re committed to openness, diversity, inclusion and sustainability

We’re proud to be a diverse team, and we believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential not only socially and ethically, but for effective business.

The DPP is delighted to be a sponsor of Rise – an advocacy group to support women working in the broadcast technology sector. And, as part of our sponsorship we host the annual Rise Awards.

We're also committed to environmental sustainability. Those commitments are stated here. We want every other media company to be able to show its commitment too. So we have our Committed to Sustainability Programme – a unique initiative that doesn’t require its companies to be the best - just to be determined to get better.

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Read these reports to get a taste of the insight available to DPP members.

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To find out more about joining the DPP, or if you have any questions about an existing membership, please contact:

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