Next Gen Production Network: Is This The Next Nonlinear Revolution?

Video editing workflows were transformed in the 1990s by the arrival of Avid and Lightworks - but have changed very little since. Could that be about to change, forever?

Today, when does an edit begin, and when does it end?

Virtual Production, with pre-visualisation and real time editing; the growing use of special effects; the explosion in versioning and localisation; global collaboration enabled by the cloud. Are all these combining to transform what it means to edit video - and to be a video editor?

In this special online webcast, hosted by the DPP Next Gen Production Network and the Avid Community Association, we bring together experts to explore whether the editing process has changed - and invite you to join the debate.

This 90 minute event starts at 16:30 GMT / 17:30 CET / 11:30 EST / 08:30 PST.

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Craig Dwyer
Craig Dwyer

VP Global Cloud & SaaS Practice

Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray
Bild Studios

Executive Producer

David (Klaf) Klafkowski
David (Klaf) Klafkowski

Founder & CEO

John Laskas
John Laskas
Black Spot Media Group

Creative Director/Founder

Gemma Nicholson
Gemma Nicholson
Post Super


Dane Smith
Dane Smith
The Third Floor

Chief Strategy Officer

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