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BeBop Technology creates remote cloud-based editing solutions for Media and Entertainment.

Our core product is the only software platform that transparently moves existing editorial workflows to a fully cloud-based environment, securely, without disrupting the creative process. Instead of moving your content to the editorial tools, BeBop moves the tools to your content.

With BeBop you have access to an extremely powerful computer in the Cloud to edit your work using Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere, securely, on just a 20Mbps Internet connection. By enabling graphic intensive processes in the Cloud with the same quality and fidelity as a local workstation, the BeBop platform creates previously unimaginable financial and workflow efficiencies.

BeBop is set to become the new industry standard for cloud-based postproduction. Keep the art, lose the hardware.

Ben Foakes

Editing/Post Production Systems

• Cloud-hosted workstations so creatives can work anywhere there is an internet connection
• Flexible and scalable: as many as you need, on demand, pay as you go
• Capable of handling high bitrate media
• Tool agnostic: supports all suites and services, including Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer (including emulation of ISIS bin locking)
• Simplicity: exactly what you need to do, the way you’re used to doing it with your favourite tools
• Storage: as much as you need, on demand
• Supports cost effective globally disperse workflows
• Vastly reduces security risks from file movement
• Enable huge CAPEX to OPEX shift to facilitate lower cost expansion
• Disaster recovery solutions that never existed before

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