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Cinedeck develops workflow solutions, including the ability to Insert Edit video, audio, metadata and closed captions without re-rendering the file. This flagship, patent-pending feature is at the core of all Cinedeck products.

The ZX & RX Ingest Platforms are the first and only true tape deck replacements, providing all the features of a tape deck with the flexibility of creating files. All Cinedeck multi-format platforms also support the BBC’s Production DPP specification for delivering a BBC compliant file for archive.

Available for Mac or PC, the cineXtools application expands on Cinedeck’s core technology with finishing tools like Audio Versioning and the AS-11 Metadata Editor.

Finally, cineX-API provides unrestricted API access to all cineXtools features, allowing for batch-processing of file transforms for an automated delivery workflow.


Archive, Storage & Distribution

Archive is a continuous process that includes, creating, assessing, migrating and more.

Each channel on ZX & RX can be individually set to encode different frame-rates, resolutions and bit-depths and simultaneously record master and proxy files to multiple locations including SSDs, local attached storage as well SAN and NAS, providing the right file types, exactly where they are needed. In addition, the ZX & RX Ingest Platforms can create DPP broadcast delivery spec files as well as DPP compliant files for non-delivery such as live recordings and archived content.

Cinedeck’s Ingest Platforms support a wide range of codecs including mathematically lossless JPEG2000. They support high frame-rates and resolutions from SD to 4K, giving you flexibility for your archiving needs.

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Editing/Post Production Systems

With File-based Insert Edit enabled across Cinedeck platforms, Cinedeck offers a revolutionary post-production experience for a no re-render, no re-QC workflows creating tremendous time and cost savings.

ZX and RX Ingest Platforms are the only hardware systems that truly insert edit into your completed flat programs. Use Cinedeck Ingest with an NLE for timeline-to-file inserts and QC your program while it’s still recording, with true confidence play-while-record.

In addition to insert edit, cineXtools is a low-cost file delivery management app, supporting audio versioning, closed-caption editing, AS11-DPP metadata editing and much more.

cineX-API brings the power of insert-edit to your MAM environment for automated and bulk processing of files at unimagined speeds, using a simple to integrate RESTful API.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

For studio or live multi-cam, line records or encoding from tape, Cinedeck ZX & RX provide tremendous flexibility.

Utilizing standard 4K/HD/SD-SDI inputs, Cinedeck’s Ingest platforms can write redundant master/proxy files to your selected storage. You might record AS-11/DPP files to SSDs and a SAN, while H.264s are written to a NAS for streaming. Alternatively, you might record two sets of master/proxy files to different SSDs, one set for production, the other for backup.

Particularly unique is our DPP Production Shim, that allows any required timecode for live event and archive recording, while maintaining full DPP compliance.

ZX & RX natively support AVC-Intra, DNxHD/HR, DVCProHD, H.264, IMX/D-10, JPEG2000, ProRes, XDCAMHD and more.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

More than ever, MAMs are orchestrating media transform, delivery and archive. By integrating cineX-API with your MAM, all cineXtools functions, whether they are insert-editing fixes or audio versioning for an international delivery can be managed and tracked by your MAM, ensuring your assets stay within your media ecosystem.

Additionally, cineX-API allows for batch-processing of traditionally time-consuming and costly file transforms.

For example, changing a 3-second promo slate across 200 episodes by editing, re-encoding and re-QCing means hours of work that also requires significant CPU processing power, representing significant time and money. Your asset management system can reduce that task to minutes by directly editing the existing files with the cineX-API ‘No transcode / No encode’ Insert Edit toolset.

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QC, Deliverables & Measurement

The biggest issue with file QC and delivery is time-consuming and costly fixes. cineXtools is a ‘No encode / No transcode’ media-file and deliverables management tool made up of several modules that can be addressed via a stand-alone user interface or directly from your asset management system via a RESTful API.

Supporting a variety of delivery formats such as AS-11/DPP, DNx, ProRes and XDCAM, cineXtools provides direct access to the file essence allowing time-saving direct fixes.

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Versioning & Localisation

Creating a version for regional delivery from a master file should be a simple process and you shouldn’t have to transcode every time you need an alternative version. cineXtools and cineX-API are optimized for delivery management by providing you tools to create a No Transcode workflow. Some examples of versioning might be:

• Create DPP broadcast delivery spec files from basic AVC-I Op1A file
• Create region specific delivery files from a single 32-track master without encoding
• Add or Remove Audio Tracks
• Reorganize and relabel your audio tracks
• Marry master video files with master wave audio without re-encoding
• Convert 608 captions to 708 captions.
• Restripe timecode in a file instantly

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