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Imagen manages media for some of the world’s biggest brands, preserving large collections of video for the long term and enabling controlled access, monetization and distribution through a secure, scalable, highly customizable web platform.

Featuring powerful ingest workflows and advanced media asset management, Imagen Enterprise Video Platform provides a convenient and cost-effective way to manage and commercialise content without the need for hardware expenditure and hosting expertise.

Imagen delivers a premium performance for premium content – allowing customers to search entire video libraries in seconds, playback proxies, create edits, run workflows and download high resolution content. Content can be indexed via automatic audio transcript generation and advanced user analytics are available for insight into audience engagement.

**NEW** Funded and Subsidised Digitisation and Onboarding Services for DPP Members (see below)

Ian Mottashed

Archive & Storage

Used by some of the biggest media companies in the world, Imagen is hugely scalable and allows any size business – from an SME to global sports brands to enjoy the same experience and opportunities using Imagen’s flexible architecture. No large capex investment is required and pricing is based on the amount of content managed.

Imagen's best in class media storage architecture delivers military grade preservation for your media and a secure online platform to engage customers more effectively through video. Imagen’s administration portal allows you to manage user access permissions, workflows and design template.

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Content Discovery

Searching the Archive

Imagen has the most powerful configurable media search engine in the industry .Imagen’s faceted search facility allows users to search very large collections of media - within specific fields or with narrow criteria. Large hitlists can be made more manageable with filtering and sorting controls (e.g. date range, genre) to create a more targeted query post search. The ImagenWeb administrator can select which database fields are interrogated by Imagen's standard search engine.

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Datacentres & Communications

Imagen's award winning Global Distribution Network feature brings broadcast quality content closer to high importance clients by automatically replicating large libraries of media to hundreds of strategic global locations using public cloud infrastructure.

It is now economically viable to monetise content across multiple territories in multiple ways; delivering a subscription based VOD platform for consumers, while catering to your production and broadcast partners’ high-resolution needs – through a secure, scalable and highly customisable web platform.

Simply choose your global Points of Presence from Imagen’s browser based management interface and your high resolution library will be automatically replicated to new locations.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming


This exciting new initiative helps production companies and archives to prepare their tape libraries and uncatalogued digital content ready for a digital future in the cloud – easy to access and ready to monetise via Imagen.

While so many companies are ready to exploit the commercial potential of their content, improve operational efficiency and offer online high resolution delivery through cloud services - the barriers to adopting new SaaS technologies often lie in time and costs associated with digitising tapes and cataloguing unstructured media files.

Recognising this problem, Imagen are offering DPP members a heavily discounted rate to offset onboarding costs - plus fully funded digitisation programmes for smaller collections.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

Imagen is an award winning MAM System built on 20 years of video management expertise. With a focus primarily on archiving and monetizing video files and legacy archives, it is designed to keep your media safe for the long term, engage your audience and make the most of your content. Our MAM software helps companies of all sizes and industries to preserve, navigate, integrate and monetize their mushrooming media libraries, ensuring fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customizable site. Imagen’s flexibility is derived from its ability to make as many workflows as you need to suit your operational requirements – you can have multiple input and output workflows for different media types – each of which may have different parameters.

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Professional Services

Imagen are experts in media management. We offer a range of professional services - including custom theming for the Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, cataloguing, onboarding and tape digitisation services, digital strategy consultation and much more - contact us for more details.

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