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Limecraft offers Asset Management services for storing, sharing and exchanging content. Because Limecraft Flow runs in the cloud, it is the preferred solution for co-production when you need to connect different people in different locations.

Limecraft automates tedious tasks like ingesting, logging and transcription. As a media manager, data handler or editor, you’ll be able to process significantly more content within a given budget.

Limecraft services are designed to cope with the most demanding workflows (4k, HDR) and comply with the highest security standards. All Limecraft services are available on demand and you only pay for what you use.

For interested DPP members, we will make available a trial account including all listed services.

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Access Services

As part of its services, Limecraft Flow automatically generates subtitles. If necessary, the content and the timing of the captions can be modified using a browser-based subtitle editor.

You can instruct Limecraft Flow to automatically turn audio into a transcript. Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Limecraft will turn the audio into text. Subsequently the transcript can be cut manually or automatically into subtitles, prior to exporting them in SRT or STL format.

*** Subtitling services are currently only available in private beta. We advise interested DPP members to get in touch.

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Archive & Storage

Storage and archiving of raw footage and edit proxies are at the core of Limecraft Flow. Producers enjoy maximum security and freedom to operate, so they can focus on creative work. You may instruct Limecraft to only manage a lower resolution copy or as well the raw footage. In either case, Limecraft ensures overall integrity and traceability.

Limecraft Flow enables you to ingest any common file format, whereby you avoid the burden of format conversions. Material is immediately and automatically backed up in different locations, guaranteeing 100% availability of your material.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

Limecraft Edge is the Swiss army knife for camera assistants and DIT operators. It combines offload, encoding of proxies and ingest of the copies to one or more destinations. Because it takes away the bulk part of the manual handling in post-production, using Limecraft Edge, producers save up to 30% on the editing budget.

Ingesting material with Edge allows film and video productions to keep raw material on their local systems while uploading only high-quality proxy versions to Limecraft ‘Flow’. As such, material is ingested, logged and shared between project team members faster than real-time, saving both the producer and the editor bandwidth and time.

*** For interested DPP members, Edge is available one month free of charge.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

Limecraft Flow is a comprehensive collaboration environment for film and video production, designed for maximum productivity during shooting, story editing and post-production processes. ‘Flow’ imports any type of digital content, including video files, images and documents.

Because it runs in the cloud, team members can jointly access the same content from different locations while Limecraft ensures at all times that access is restricted to the right people.

Upon export for editing, all creative decisions are assembled, shots are aligned with the story and cut lists are automatically synchronised back-and-forth with the editing workstation. Limecraft Flow seamlessly integrates with all common editing software, including Avid, Adobe and Apple.

*** For interested DPP members, a three month free try is available

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Transcription & Translation

Using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Limecraft Transcriber automatically turns audio into time-coded transcripts.

With an accuracy of over 90%, the result is good enough to select the quotes you intend to use for editing or publication. If you require a 100% accurate transcription, Transcriber enables you to efficiently edit the transcript. When finished, you can export your transcripts and your list of quotes in a format of choice (PDF, CSV or SRT). As a result of the transcription process, your media becomes easily searchable. Using Transcriber, you’ll never lose a valuable quote any more.

*** For interested DPP members, we will make available an account including 5 hours of audio transcription free of charge

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