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Headquartered in London with additional facilities in Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, TVT is a leading digital media management and post-production services provider, transforming media worldwide.

Services cover media preparation and versioning for international sales and distribution, linear channel content preparation, VOD asset creation and delivery, as well as archive and library services including digitisation and restoration of legacy formats.

TVT’s specialist compliance viewing and editing teams are responsible for the legal and regulatory compliance of thousands of hours of programming for major broadcast groups’ UK and international audiences.

Our cloud based ContentSelect platform offers specialist software tools (on a SaaS basis or as part of TVT’s end to end services) to instigate, manage and track all workflows from ingest to delivery and store, including sophisticated compliance modules.

Archive & Storage

TVT has a wide range of services available for large or small content inventories: digitisation and restoration services for virtually any legacy format, programme metadata capture, maintenance and searchable databases, low res screeners, cloud based and physical LTO7 storage, library management software platform.

Services available in London, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.

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File Transfer

We are based around the world so can receive content, ingest and transfer from wherever is local to you, securely and quickly using the tool of your choice, for example: Aspera Point-to-Point or Faspex as well as Signiant.

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

TVT global facilities offer content ingest in multiple formats – file to file, tape to file or capture from live. Ingested content can be transcoded to multiple formats and specifications (with associated xml and metadata schema as required) and delivered worldwide. HD to SD downconversion, frame rate and aspect ratio conversion.

Our collaborative software platform ContentSelect provides full process transparency and low res proxy creation enables easy viewing.

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

TVT media asset management covers the full spectrum of media preparation and versioning for programme syndication, linear channel content prep, VOD production, archive digitisation and storage.

Our ContentSelect cloud platform enables end-to end media asset management and workflows and sits across all processes, whether as a TVT managed service or in hybrid collaborative workflow models. A full database is maintained with status tracking and audit trails at each stage.

ContentSelect is cloud hosted, supported by TVT in-house developers and is also available on a SaaS basis. ContentSelect manages workflows including:

• ingest
• QC checks/corrections
• Proxy generation
• compliance viewing/editing
• promo production
• language and Access Services asset production
• VOD asset production
• transcoding, standards conversion and delivery
• library storage

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Post Production Facilities

Range of post production services supporting media transformation and delivery worldwide:

Edit services- from Adobe Premiere suites with editors to simple file edits (remove/close breaks/insert slates/clocks/bars/tone), quality control/quality assurance checks and correction, standards/aspect ratio conversion and file/tape delivery worldwide.

Audio services- re-mixing programmes, de-swearing, loudness normalisation, mix minus VO creation, audio wrap, SFX and track laying, transcodes and batch file conversions.

Full DPP specification supported.

Re-voicing services- with experienced in-house re-voicing producer we offer:

• Re-writing/anglicising scripts
• Sourcing and booking voiceover talent
• Direct and produce VO sessions
• Short form VO e.g. promos, continuity
• Corporate work– e.g. multimedia, IVR prompts
• Mix and creation of new audio
• Creating showreels for talent

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Programme Compliance & Reporting

The large in-house compliance team are experts in their field complying thousands of hours of long and short form content for many broadcast and online channel brands and territories.

TVT offers multiple service models – fully outsourced using our compliance viewers and craft editors or SaaS using custom-built compliance workflow platform interfaced to customer systems (ContentSelect). We also offer hybrid models where the TVT team works in conjunction with your in-house viewers or post-production editors, all using the same common platform to maintain a full record of EDL data and project files. Complied content can be delivered to broadcast or VOD platforms in required master or mezzanine formats (including DPP) as well as multi-profile formats for direct delivery to OTT platforms.

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Programme Sales & Distribution

All of TVT’s Post Production services support international programme sales and distribution fulfilment of content, metadata and auxiliary files.

Content catalogues can be stored in TVT’s private or public cloud, with technical transformation to required delivery specifications (including DPP) from any format. This includes on-boarding your customers and partners to ensure content meets their technical requirements. TVT’s ContentSelect media management library and archive modules enable content search and self-service ordering.

Distribution across TVT global offices provides efficient repurposing of assets in the shortest timeframe.

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Quality Control & Measurement

TVT offers a full mix of quality control and quality assessment services including Harding PSE checks, fixes and certification, Loudness/EBU R128 check and normalisation, automated file-based quality control, three or five point manual quality control, full real time view and full technical report.

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Transcription & Translation

Audio, subtitling and live broadcast interpreting services specialising in Japanese & English.

Translation, dubbing / voice over by experienced language professionals based in our London and Tokyo offices.

English language closed captions also offered.

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