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TinkerList is the first cloud-based platform for creative studio television production. It streamlines the entire process: from ideation to scripting, from recording to royalties handling. Stop wasting time copy-pasting, looking for files, switching usb-sticks, printing cue cards or sending emails. Enjoy the automagic transition from ideas to multimedia scripts. Bridge the gap between the creative writers and the studio, and sync the script in real-time with studio devices: teleprompters, presenter tablets, game-show graphics, playout servers, …

No extra hardware, software or training required. Collaborating in TinkerList is efficient and fun.

Save up to 25% of your money and energy. More time to rock-n-roll in the green room!

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

TinkerList optimizes the workflow of studio television production so you can save time, money and energy. Everything is organized in one platform that you can use from start to finish. Whether you are brainstorming, scripting, recording or handling royalties, TinkerList is there with you and your team every step of the way. Connect the recording studio to your content via the API: teleprompter, game software, playout, graphics computer, ... Any changes made to the script will be kept in sync on all your devices.

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Professional Services

The TinkerList team can assist you with any questions or issues that you might have. Contact us directly from the platform using the chat function, or find our contact details on the website to call or e-mail us.
TinkerList also provides its customers with demos of the platform and tutorials on a variety of functions. Furthermore, we can provide you with custom cards that are tailored to the specific needs of your show.

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