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WCPMedia Services is an advanced cloud-based media asset management solution supporting the entire life-cycle for film and television content – including production, post production, distribution and archival.

The company’s business-to-business web-based solution empowers producers, distributors and networks to securely store, manage and deliver their valuable digital assets, utilizing a secure tracking and authentication mechanism.

These assets include films, TV series and collateral (e.g. camera original, editorial versions, sound tracks, promos/trailers, images, documents and metadata).

WCP’s certified data center offers leading-edge technologies wrapped in an easy to use application that integrates a custom-designed asset management platform, an automated transcoding farm, ultra-fast file transfer and a Screening Room application for review and approval.

WCP technology partners include: IBM/Aspera, Signiant, Telestream, Snell, Harmonic, Wowza, Tiger Technology, Fincons Group.

Giovanni Contri
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Archive, Storage & Distribution

WCPMedia Services’ MAM stores and protects all your media content and technical/editorial metadata. Your assets are immediately searchable for retrieval and download and are mapped over a flexible permission profile structure.

Content can be shared within your organization and with partners. It can be delivered to your clients as proxy or master files, automatically transcoded (according to your recipient specs) and delivered with customized, immediate notifications.

WCPMedia protects your assets in a secure Tier IV Swiss DataCenter. We are ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certified and conform to the Swiss Regulation for Banking Outsourcing (FINMA). We provide disk-mirroring, continuous incremental backup and replication to twin Swiss data centers. Our direct connection to a European fiberlink insures a fast and stable network.

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Editing/Post Production Systems

WCPMedia Services has been used by many international co-productions for reviewing dailies and cuts and exchanging other production material. We handle the storage and movement of both low and high resolution materials.

WCPMedia Services supports the entire production process and collaboration among project stakeholders during shooting, editing, VFX, dubbing and the international exchange of marketing, press and promotional material between buyers and sellers.

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File Transfer

WCPMedia Services has integrated the Aspera and Signiant transfer protocols into the platform. There are no limits on file size or bandwidth connection, and there are no upfront investments in infrastructure, licenses maintenance or upgrades.

The combined strength of our two platforms insures maximum flexibility, low latency, high transfer speed, connection stability and security (thanks to encryption and checksum).

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Ingest, Transcoding & Streaming

WCPMedia Services allows our customers to easily ingest content and ancillary files into our MAM, automatically enriched with all technical metadata and editorial information from external (IMDB) or internal sources. Low resolutions proxies are generated on the fly with a unique watermark, as required.

Our users can create private screening rooms for collaboration during production and post or to market and promote a catalogue of content. For this purpose, WCPMedia uses leading edge technology tools wrapped into an easy to use interface (Aspera, Signant, Telestream, Harmonic, Snell, Wowza).

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Media Asset Management & Workflows

WCPMedia Services manages the digital supply chain for the delivery of content (original and or transcoded) to your customers, triggering all the appropriate notifications and following the authorization profiles of your organization embedded in each WCPMedia Services account.

The platform dramatically reduces manual effort and mistakes. Specific capabilities support content handling for episodic tv shows.

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Post Production Facilities

WCPMedia Services offers a secure cloud-based platform and a robust digital asset management that support production and post professionals in storing, organizing and sharing any material, from raw camera files to editorial, audio files, VFX plate photos and videos, low res proxies and documents, during the whole production and post life cycle.

Dedicated private web screening rooms provide a complete view of your project from dailies to rough cuts to finished content and promos, available to all the stakeholders: producers, post professionals, marketing, press, distributors, buyers, etc.

Anytime and anywhere, collaborate with your production partners around the world without boundaries.

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Programme Sales & Distribution

With WCPMedia Services, you will discover capabilities specifically developed to support the content handling and distribution of standalone and episodic tv shows. Our screening room function targets your buyer’s expectations and continuously monitors their viewing activity. WCP provides a unique and effective interaction between post, marketing and sales.

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QC, Deliverables & Measurement

WCPMedia Services offers an integrated automatic technical QC and can customize quality control profiles and reporting to address specific customer requirements. Automated QC is available on request both during content ingestion and upon processing and transcoding completion.

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Supply Chain Management

Adopting WCPMedia Services, our customers create a secure and controlled ecosystem where all the players and stakeholders can collaborate, exchange and/or share content: producers, service providers, post facilities, distributors, networks.

The Media&Entertainment supply chain become simpler and lean. Content get centralized and made available with higher efficiency, avoiding risks, reducing logistical costs, duplications and errors.

Our end-to-end cloud solution manages and supports the full life cycle of any media content from production to distribution.

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