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DPP sees trends that could blindside the industry

The DPP today released a startling new report that warns the professional media industry that it’s in danger of missing highly disruptive new global trends. Blindsided: the game-changers we might not see coming brings together current trends in technology, global media markets and consumer behaviours, and explores what they could mean for media.

The new report is based on DPP presentations made by DPP Managing Director, and author of the report, Mark Harrison at the HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs, USA, and today at BVE in London.

“Our survey of recent trends indicates the media industry still chases after every new technology innovation, while being reluctant to accept that consumer behaviours actually determine our future,” says Harrison. “But once we accept the power of trends outside our control, some very significant developments start to become visible to us.”

The Blindsided report focuses on four such major developments:

  • Voice search – how voice-led content search could disintermediate content providers
  • Alt digital – how the decline of everyday TV could be hastened by a complex mosaic of other digital content
  • Out of home – how investors, tech companies and marketers could become infatuated by the media and technology potential of certain public spaces
  • China – how a technology gap could open between east and west, with China becoming the innovation leader

“One thing that’s certain is storytelling media will remain a highly prized, popular and valuable human endeavour,” adds Mark Harrison. “But the context in which it operates is going to change radically, and that will bring even more profound shifts in our industry than the ones we have seen to date.”

Blindsided is the last of three trends reports published by the DPP at the beginning of 2019. The first was its CES 2019 report, followed by the DPP 2019 Predictions. The DPP will continue to explore the impact of new video markets at its DPP Exclusive leaders’ summit in Las Vegas on Saturday 6th April, ahead of NAB Show.