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DPP to develop Compliance Programme

The DPP is working to create a Compliance Programme that will ensure manufacturers meet the AS-11 DPP standard.

Partnering with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), the DPP will create the Compliance Programme and subsequent guidelines to help the industry identify trusted products for DPP standards across the UK and to speed up the successful implementation of the digital delivery process by ensuring files are compliant.

The organisation has invited a number of manufacturers to start working in partnership with them to develop the proposed Compliance Programme, and will initially involve them by providing details of completed tests, sample files produced, and evidence of the results obtained on file delivery or processing products that are in development or being marketed.

Over the next few months, the Programme aims to establish a minimum quality threshold of tests that manufacturers’ products would need to meet. This will involve clarification of technical and metadata rules to which files will need to conform in order to be seen as compliant.  Should products meet these criteria, the DPP – which protects the integrity of its standards through the DPP Trademark – is considering licensing options that would enable utilisation of the DPP brand on products and in marketing.

Kevin Burrows, said, “We are encouraged at the scale of interest in product development for DPP standards. It has, however, become increasingly important for the partnership to monitor products that claim to deliver ‘DPP compliance’ and take responsibility for clarifying to the industry which products are capable of delivering or processing compliant files for the broadcasters onward transmission.

“DPP is a trusted brand across the industry and the Partnership has a responsibility to enable the smooth transition to file based delivery.”

Any companies that would like further information or would like to be involved in the Programme should contact the Partnership through their website The Compliance Programme will be launched on the 11th March 2014.