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What next from the DPP?

It’s a hugely busy time at the DPP. There’s too much for us to tell you about everything – but here’s a glimpse of some of main areas of work for the next twelve months.

It’s core to the purpose of the DPP to reduce complexity and increase interoperability across the whole industry – everywhere. There’s rapidly growing interest in the adoption of the AS-11 DPP standard in other territories, and for international exchange. DPP Ltd has membership for broadcasters and companies from around the world, and we’re forming partnerships with key organisations for the adoption of international DPP standards.  We are also forming a new International Interoperability Group.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) is coming even faster than anyone expected. In 2015 the DPP will be defining a new common standard for the delivery of UHD programmes. We’ll also be creating guidance on best practice workflows for UHD.

Workflows are crucial to effective digital working. So we’re establishing a new Workflow Group, bringing together the post production community with broadcasters, producers and others to provide guidance on key new workflows.

The DPP has identified considerable industry concern around appropriate business models for network connectivity. We have a major report coming later in 2015.

We’ve followed the implementation of file delivery with important work on digital archiving. A definitive guide and common digital archive standards are coming this summer.

There’s plenty more standards work coming too: HD commercials, interstitials and promos; news exchange; and programme acquisition.

And then there’s the DPP’s Compliance Programme and Test Lab – supported by the BBC’s world-renowned R&D department. This vital service will continue to provide quality assurance for everyone working with our standards.