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Developed in conjunction with UK broadcasters, and based on the AMWA AS-11 format, the AS-11 UK DPP file delivery specification has the following characteristics:

  • Designed for completed programme deliveries (“air-ready masters”)
  • Based on the MXF OP1A format
  • AVC Intra Class 100 compression for HD
  • IMX at 50 Mb/s for SD
  • Includes a minimum set of requirements for Programme Editorial and Technical Metadata, based on European Broadcasting Union’s EBU Core

Download the Specification

The AMWA AS-11 UK DPP specifications can be found on the AMWA website:

Delivery Requirements

The AMWA AS-11 UK DPP specifications form the basis of the Broadcaster Delivery Requirements, which are issued by each UK broadcaster based on a template provided by the DPP.

History of the Specification

In January 2012 we published the first joint agreement for the delivery of television programmes as AS-11 files. Later the same year the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 began to test the delivery of programmes using the format. 1st October 2014 was announced as “File Delivery Day” and the AMWA AS-11 file format became the preferred delivery option for DPP member broadcasters.

One year on from File Delivery Day, we released a report examining the progress of implementation, File Delivery: The Story So Far.

File Delivery: The Story So Far

Metadata Application

In the early days of AS-11 UK DPP, the DPP stimulated adoption of the specification by offering a free desktop application for adding DPP metadata to files. This enabled production companies to create file based TV programmes containing the correct metadata for delivery to UK broadcasters.

The application was created as an interim measure until such time as equipment manufacturers were able to offer this functionality within their systems. There are now many tools on the market for creating AS-11 DPP files, so the DPP metadata application is no longer supported.

If you require a copy of the metadata application, you can download it without support or warranty for Windows and Mac. It relies on old versions of Java which has known security vulnerabilities, and you use it at your own risk. We strongly recommend using a commercially available tool instead.