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DPP Explores Process Behind Best Online Content

The DPP today announced the launch of a report from its latest Meet The event, Meet the Online Pioneers, sponsored by DPP Member company CenturyLink. Bringing together experts from the world of online content, the event explored the production of premium content for online audiences.

“There are fewer boundaries around online content than in the traditional television and film world, which in turn opens up the creative possibilities,” said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “As audiences become more fragmented, online pioneers have challenged the traditional programme-making culture to develop innovative approaches to creating popular, high-quality, compelling content.”

This special event, held in London on 7 June 2017, featured heavyweights from the field of premium online content, including Facebook, creators of Carpool Karaoke Fulwell 73 and leading natural history makers Silverback Films. With this event and its latest report, the DPP has sought to highlight how creative and production culture and techniques are evolving across all platforms, and how these platforms influence each other.

“Netflix is a company that’s come from a technology background. They don’t have any of the baggage of television or the studio culture,” explained Keith Scholey, Founder, Silverback Films. “They’re starting from scratch and they think in a very different way. Their objective is just to get subscribers.”

Key themes highlighted in the report are:

  • Commit to the idea, and the form will follow
  • Authenticity is irresistible
  • Understand your audience – and remember it’s global
  • Every piece of content is also a piece of marketing
  • Let creative people be creative

The Meet the Online Pioneers report is available exclusively to DPP Members here.

The DPP’s next report will be a guide to help producers go live on online platforms.