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DPP HOME TRUTHS Report: Trust Me – I’m A File

The latest DPP AT HOME event on 21 October took a close-up view of one of the most fundamental issues in our industry: trust. The session looked at what happens when a people-based industry, founded on relationships of trust – begins to rely on IT.

How can security be guaranteed in a world of file based working – where assets are invisible, and products and services are being offered by companies who may be new to the market?

Who and what can you trust?

And how can buyers and sellers gain a common language that reduces anxiety and delivers the benefits of new technologies?

HOME TRUTHS NO. 2: TRUST ME – I’M A FILE reports on the fascinating output from this DPP AT HOME session – and the lively discussion that emerged.

It also identifies five key themes for the industry – ones that will influence the future work of the DPP and its Members.

The DPP would like to thank Imagen Ltd, who enabled this latest DPP AT HOME.