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Mark Harrison To Leave The BBC To Lead The DPP

The DPP’s Managing Director, Mark Harrison, is to leave his position at the BBC to devote more time to the DPP.

Since April 2015 Mark Harrison has been seconded part time from his role as Director of Transformation for Design and Engineering at the BBC to provide leadership to the DPP as its Managing Director. Mark will now be leaving his role in the BBC on the 31st March to devote more time to the DPP.

“When the DPP became a not-for-profit-company in April 2015 we began with nine Member companies,” says Mark Harrison. “Less than two years later we have around 250 Member companies and organisations, and we are operating on an international scale as the media industry’s business change network. It has made the DPP a very exciting, and busy, company to lead.”

Mark will continue to act as DPP Managing Director, while increasing his contribution around strategic leadership, authorship and presentation of the DPP’s insight work, membership growth and international relationships.

Helen Stevens, Chair of the DPP, and Director of Broadcast Operations, ITV says: “We are thrilled with the success of the DPP to date and want to build on this in a way that will keep pace with ever-accelerating industry demands. Having more of Mark helps us do just that – he is a great leader for the DPP and has been instrumental in our achievements so far. We are delighted to have more of his time and look forward to delivering in 2017”.

The scale of ambition of the DPP is evident from its newly released 2017 Roadmap, which includes pioneering change leadership around an international broadcast mastering format, a global unique identifier, security, and specifications for IP contribution in the UK. The DPP will also be delivering new predictions and insight work, as well as developing the new DPP Marketplace for Member companies.