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The DPP 2016 Roadmap Launch

Each year the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) announces and delivers a body of work to help drive change and opportunity in the television industry. On 18 November 2015 the DPP will announce exciting new work for 2016.

In a busy 2015, the DPP and its Members have already:

  • Made programme delivery to a single file-based standard normal practice for UK broadcasting
  • Worked with the North American Broadcasters Association to create a similar file delivery standard for North America
  • Defined common standards for the delivery of Commercials
  • Defined a common delivery standard for UHD Programming (to be released soon)
  • Provided best practice guidance on how to create a digital archive
  • Published guides to Ultra High Definition and Connectivity
  • Published insight reports on IP and Trust

All this has happened in the last twelve months. And now the DPP has been working with its Members on an equally groundbreaking work plan for 2016. These new initiatives will be announced at The DPP 2016 Roadmap Launch at 6pm on 18th November. It is open to anyone to attend.

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