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DPP Agrees Training Initiatives

The DPP has committed to working with Creative Skillset to share its digital production & delivery guidelines, standards and research with the organisation’s media academies.

The first outcome of the initiative will be a presentation by DPP executives led by Helen Stevens, Director of Strategic Projects & Business Delivery ITV and DPP Chair, to media tutors from 23 Skillset academies on November 16th 2012.

Helen and the team will share the DPP’s technical standards, and discuss trends in file-based delivery, end-to-end work flow, expectations of digital delivery and the business drivers that saw the setting up of the DPP.

In other training news, the DPP will be working closely with the BBC Academy’s College of Technology to help to train the wider industry.  The BBC Academy will be making their training guides available for free, including their online loudness module.

Helen Stevens said of the initiatives, “Sharing our sizable portfolio of industry standards and guidelines is an important part of the DPP’s remit.  We stand for collaboration, sharing of expertise and nurturing a future generation of programme makers and these initiatives are very tangible outcomes of that strategy.  I am delighted to be working with Creative Skillset and BBC Academy to take our knowledge to a wider audience.”

Annie Warburton, Head of Partnerships at Creative Skillset added, “From 2014, the major UK broadcasters will take delivery on file-based formats, so current students need to be fully conversant with digital workflow techniques by the time they graduate.  We’re so pleased to be working in partnership with the DPP to support lecturers and tutors keen to provide their students with the cutting edge skills and techniques the industry requires”.

Andy Wilson, Head of the BBC Academy’s Centre of Technology, “Working with the DPP has been brilliant in terms of accelerating the development of resources and training to support the creative industries.  Loudness will have a big impact on broadcasters and the organisations that they work with throughout the production process; from acquisition, post production, delivery and play out. We hope to release our training guides and supporting materials in November.”