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DPP & AMWA offer testing/certs for all AS-11 specs

The DPP and the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) announced today they would provide a comprehensive service for the testing and certification of all HD and UHD international specifications belonging to the AS-11 family.

The AMWA AS-11 family of specifications define constrained media file formats for the delivery of finished media assets to a broadcaster or publisher. A new naming convention has recently been introduced by the AMWA to identify AS-11 versions developed for particular business purposes.

New AS-11 versions for HD and UHD include:

• AS-11 X1 – DPP UHD: a UHD version of the AS-11 HD & SD DPP specifications
• AS-11 X2 – HD Intra: initially to be adopted in Australia and New Zealand
• AS-11 X3 and X4 – HD Long GOP: initially to be adopted in the Nordic Countries for HD Long GOP at European and U.S. frame rates respectively

The forthcoming NABA/DPP North American HD technical specification for air-ready programs will shortly be added to this list.

From July 2016 onwards the DPP Compliance Programme, which currently offers compliance testing for AS-11 HD DPP, will also offer such testing for the full range of AS-11 specifications, including the North American, Nordic and Australian and New Zealand versions. The testing, which will commence at the point a specification is finalised under the AMWA process, will be offered as a free of charge benefit for all DPP Member companies.

The AMWA, which to date has offered formal certification of AS-11 HD DPP products successfully complied by the DPP Compliance Programme, will now offer Certification for the full AS-11 family of specifications, scaled to match the supplier’s requirements.

‘The DPP and the AMWA have a mutual commitment to making it easier and cheaper to create and move programme material,’ said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. ‘We also want to make it easier and cheaper for companies to ensure their products are tested and certified as AS-11 compliant.’

‘As AS-11 is adopted across the globe, we’re delighted that we can offer a unified process which supports suppliers, regardless of their customer’s location and technical requirements.’ says Brad Gilmer, Executive Director of the AMWA. ‘We believe this will increase an end user’s confidence when they choose their technical architecture.’

The DPP and the AMWA will release further details of the AS-11 testing and certification service ahead of July 2016.