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DPP helps TV industry with IP-based production

The DPP held its first DPP AT HOME event on 13 July. DPP AT HOME invites 30 DPP Members to spend an afternoon analysing a single subject. This first event, which was sponsored by Endava, took on the complex subject of Internet Protocol technologies.

The internet has given birth to many developments that together could revolutionise the TV industry: high speed connectivity, virtualisation, cloud-based storage and computing. These are often referred to as IP – and IP based production and broadcasting seems to offer a Nirvana of greater business flexibility.

But IP is a huge subject. How can we increase our understanding? Where are we on the journey, and what are the benefits? Is there actually any good reason to be excited – or worried? These were the questions that filled the air at DPP AT HOME.

The DPP has published a report of the event: HOME TRUTHS No.1: REACHING NIRVANA – OVER IP, available on the DPP website to all DPP Members.

The report concludes there’s an urgent need for the DPP to help bring a common understanding of IP and its role in production and broadcasting. There needs to be a ‘maturity index’ of the various technologies. And we need far greater understanding of cost drivers and potential benefits.

But perhaps above all, the report argues, there is a cultural gap that needs to be closed between a people-based industry and a machine-based technology opportunity. Every technology is only an enabler. But do we yet know what it is that IP will enable? Who will gain; and who will lose?

This DPP AT HOME event was enabled by Endava.